I read about this on Upworthy.com. Recent scientific research from a new study published in the Biophysical Journal suggests a certain type of wasp might be good for more than torturing Nicolas Cage in the movie, “The Wicker Man”.
More and more often we hear about natural substances that perform in unexpected ways. A biology professor at Purdue when I was there in the early 1970s told his students that he believed nature held millions of surprises for us to discover. The surprises would provide natural substances for medicine, construction, genetics, fighting hunger, and the list could go on and on.
One of the big topics of his biology class was the idea of evolution and its importance and function in science. He announced that he believed in God and attended church, but that did not mean that he could not believe in science. He felt science provides a way to learn more about what God has created and how to use it for good. He taught that it was our duty to explore and discover nature.
One of my favorite songs was written by a singer songwriter who attended Northeastern High School while I was there. It is “Awesome God” by Rich Mullins. I do not care much for the lyrics, but I agree that God is awesome. I stand in awe of creation to the point that I believe it should be capitalized… Creation!
Centuries ago, as the Bible was written and as human understanding of God was in early development, it seems another type of evolution was in motion. It is the evolution of human understanding of God, Creation, and humans. I believe we are not only to increase our understanding of nature, but also the understanding of what is written in the Bible and other sacred writings. In all facets of life, our understanding grows over time. As it does, we have the opportunity to grow toward God or we can choose to look backwards and refuse the opportunities as God presents them in all ways imaginable and perhaps in some ways that we cannot imagine.
While many appear to look forward to the end of Creation with great zeal, it seems God has so much more in store. Jesus says to me that life is to be lived in love. When he said that we are not to worry about tomorrow, I believe Jesus was speaking just as much about the end of time as he was speaking about not worrying about having a job a year from now. There is enough to keep us busy today if we accept it and fill our lives with the love of God. If we are occupied with loving all that we can, there is little or no time for the anger and hatred that cause so much pain in the world.

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