I‘d like to buy the world a home
And furnish it with love
Grow apple trees and honey bees
And snow white turtle doves.
I’d like to teach the world to sing
In perfect harmony
I’d like to buy the world a Coke
And keep it company
That’s the real thing.
            That tune from a Coca Cola advertisement came to mind tonight as I was sitting quietly with our cat, Truman, and our dog, Charley. Dotsie had gone to bed. The TV was off.
            I take that time more often lately to contemplate the day and life in general. I pray and may meditate. I converse the best I can with friends and family from life over the years. Tonight, while petting Truman, that tune came into my head as I was thinking of what a wonderful friend this cat has become since he came to live with us. He is huge, smart, and gentle. Truman has shared a Coke with me. He does not care much for it, but he seems to like coffee. He sticks his paw in a glass or cup to sample whatever we have when we aren’t watching.
            The typical cat has a much shorter life than the typical human. Truman seems to be ready to do the most he can with any moment that he is given. He lives like to today is all he has.
            We humans tend not to do that. We worry or long for the past. We miss those who are no longer here. We worry if something we have done will have lasting consequences either good or bad. We think about tomorrow. We keep calendars. We plan business, family, gardens, careers, vacations, and many other things of the future. Humans allow the past and the future to get in the way of living.
Life so easily gets out of balance. In fretting over the past or perhaps at times dwelling in the past, we can miss today. While focusing upon a career or thinking about money, power, and status that can come with career, we can likewise delude ourselves into thinking that we will someday have what we want. Then, we can settle down to enjoy the spouse, friends, and family.
Some of us get reminded of the importance of the present by tragedy that invades our lives. Tragedy can force a person to consider what is important to consider in life. The wise person will shift focus and rearrange life. The adjustments can reduce stress and lead to greater fulfillment in the long run. I believe the changes also tend to have significant positive effects on the world if the changes focus life more on loving and living in the present.
If you consider your life, you can probably find times when your focus was so much away from the present that you probably missed some great opportunities. You certainly missed some opportunities to choose a different path, different friends, co-workers, and even opportunities to for a soft drink other than Coke.
The person with the original idea for the ads for “Buy The World A Coke” presented it to the three members of the songwriting team as how great it would be to buy the whole world a Coke. One of the members of the group, Billy Davis, said that if he could do something for everybody in the world, he would “buy them a home first and share with them in peace and love”. So, the first lines of the song express that desire, then, tells of sharing Coca-Cola.
We can see the idea at work when we ask somebody to share a cup of coffee, a beer, and various other things in life. I have a friend with whom I frequently share cheeseburgers. With some others, I share breakfast. Jesus said to remember him when we break bread (eat) and when we drink wine (really any beverage). So, I tend to think of Jesus when I eat and drink with others.
In our world, it would be nice to buy everyone a Coke, then share peace, love, and harmony. Must we spend so much energy demanding our own way? What is really behind that behavior? Does it contain the elements of peace, love, and harmony? I think not.
I wonder if anybody (besides a lobbyist) has ever tried going to Washington, DC and buying a round of Coca-Cola for Congress and the president.
Try this thought for the coming week. Take the time to sit quietly with no distractions. Get your favorite beverage and take the time to savor it and this thought. What if you could be someone with whom you have differences a Coke and share peace, love and harmony with them? Could you find ways to give a little and perhaps take an extra step? Then, sometime, take it further and think politically. There is so much anger right now in our politics. If you are angry, why do you think you are angry? Is it because you think you are being taken? Is it because you do not want to give?
I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony. I wonder if Jesus ever sang those words in Aramaic.

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